Accessibility Features

It is our goal to provide enough information for all our guests to determine if our accommodations will work for their needs. If you have questions about any of the features listed on this page or any other concerns about your visit, please contact us by phone or email for further details.

• Our parking lot is flat, with 4 ADA accessible spaces available immediately adjacent to the main entrance.

• There are loading zones and a clear and level path of widths allowing for wheelchair access from those spaces into our main lobby.

• Our breakfast facilities, conference room, and public restrooms are designed with elements at heights usable by a person using a wheelchair.

• We have rooms in both our room sizes equipped with extra wide doorways, sinks designed for use by a person in a wheelchair, grab bars around the toilets, roll in showers with benches, and a hand held shower head.

• Our handicapped accessible rooms are also equipped with visual strobe lights connected to a button at the door for hearing impaired customers.

• We have a portable hearing device available for customers that require it.